Soul Stories: Bringing Clothes & Shoes to the Women of Hope Clinic

Soul Stories: Bringing Clothes & Shoes to the Women of Hope Clinic

Our outreach coordinator, Tiffany Johnson, recently had the chance to assist the women at Hope Clinic Nashville, and give their latest graduating class a few necessities as graduation gifts. Here is her update!

We partner with the Hope Clinic here in Nashville to provide shoes to their Bridge Program graduates, a program that provides mom’s-to-be with information about parenting and childcare before their little one arrives.  We participated in our second Graduating class last night, presenting a small group of graduates, 3 to be exact, with a new pair of shoes and a first pair for their new babies to wear, along with some REALLY cool clothes from one of our Clothes4Souls donors,Mountain Mama

I watched the women’s faces as I explained what we were there to do, provide them and their children with a pair of new shoes.  It was so gratifying to watch the excitement on their faces, to see their eyes light up as they held their tiny infant shoes and were able to pick out some comfy, cute athletic shoes for themselves.  Even more so, to see them happily choose some fleece jackets, vests and tees that are cute and stylish, that will grow as they “grow”, courtesy of our donation from Mountain Mama.

I didn’t have time to take photos last night of the distribution.  But in my heart and mind are their faces, a little anxious, a little scared as they prepare for the biggest job of their lives: Motherhood.  But, the stress and the worry was quickly replaced hope, and joy, and excitement with a simple gift.  They know what the gift represents, as we explained to them last night, we care about them, we care about their life and the life of the child that is growing inside them.

That is why we give hope, love, time, clothes and shoes.

Because we care.