Campaign to Watch: Girl Scout Shoe Drives!

Campaign to Watch: Girl Scout Shoe Drives!

Remember when you were a Brownie or a Girl Scout? Do you have a daughter participating in Girl Scouts now? If she is looking for a service project, look no further!

Hosting a Soles4Souls shoe drive is a great way for your local troop of adventurous girls to engage the community in an easy but very effective service project. All you need to do is:

1. Sign Up. Register your shoe drive right here as a school/civic group.

2. Display your shoe collection box(es) at your church, workplace, school, community center, doctor’s office, etc.

3. Spread the word! Let everyone know that the troop is collecting shoes, where they can bring them and what your goal and deadline is.

4. Help us help you spread the word! Fill out a press release template and we will send it out to all media outlets within 30 miles of your shoe drive. Who knows – you could end up on the news, like Troop 265 in Las Vegas!

4. Drop them off! You can ship your shoes to the nearest Soles4Souls warehouse. And if not, we always welcome troops to drive the shoes to one of our warehouses! If you come to our World Headquarters in Nashville, TN, we’d love to give you a tour of the office and warehouse =)

So there you have it! It’s just that easy. If you’re still a bit confused though, send any questions to LaCita Mason at And check out this great video!