Rockstar Donor: Nadia’s Birthday Party

Rockstar Donor: Nadia’s Birthday Party

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Maria Decastris Hardy.  Maria’s daughter, Nadia, gave up her birthday gifts to provide shoes for individuals in need:

In the spring of 2012, 10 year old Nadia saw an inspirational segment on the Disney channel about a girl who donated shoes to an orphanage for her birthday.   She spoke with me, her mom, about hoping to do something similar for her July birthday.

Before she settled on shoes with Soles4Souls, Nadia had many ideas like donating toys, school supplies, and hair accessories.  After further discussion and guidance she decided Soles4Souls was the perfect organization to help her give back rather than receive.    She said, “I wanted to do this because it felt like the right thing to do.”

This is what Nadia wrote for her Soles4Souls online fundraiser page.

I get birthday presents every year. My needs are met. I get food, I have shoes, clothes, and everything I need to survive. I have toys, games, crafts, and a lot of books. I have more than anybody really could need. For my birthday this year I want to give to people rather than receive. As you know there’s a saying that says it’s better to give than receive. And that is what I am doing. Will you please help me help others with their needs? I am collecting all types of shoes, new or gently used, and raising money to help me pay for the shipping and handling of all the shoes I am collecting. It costs about $1 to ship one pair of shoes. Thank you for your help and support. Love, Nadia

At the end of July, Nadia had a birthday party and asked her guests to arrive with gently used shoes or a pair of new shoes in lieu of a birthday gift.   In addition to the birthday party, we advertised the shoe drive through word of mouth.  At the end of the drive Nadia collected 222 pairs of new and gently used shoes for people of all ages.    She raised $235 to cover the shipping of the shoes.

“Now that it is over I am glad I did this because it made me a better person.   I am better because I was good before but now I am better because I helped the less fortunate.”

As you can imagine Nadia’s father and I are extremely proud of our daughter.  Her heart and compassion for others makes us proud.  Nadia’s example of selflessness and generosity were encouraging and an inspiration to both loved ones and strangers.   We can’t wait to see what her heart will lead her do next.


We are SO proud of and thankful for Nadia as well! Without donors like her, we would be unable to fill our warehouses with shoes to help those in need. Do you want to collect shoes at your next birthday? It’s easy! Simple fill out this form to get started.